A recipe for making orange short cake – Place in a mixing bowl One cup of flour, One-half teaspoon of salt, Two teaspoons of baking powder, Five tablespoons of sugar, One-half cup of water. Beat to a stiff dough and then spread on a well-greased and floured layer-cake pan, making the dough higher at the sides than in the middle of the pan. Cover with sliced oranges, cut into small pieces with a sharp knife. Now place in a bowl: Six tablespoons of brown sugar, Two tablespoons of flour, One-half teaspoon of nutmeg. Mix well and then spread on the shortcake and bake in a moderate oven for thirty minutes. Much of the actual preparation of the menu can be prepared on Saturday. Use yolk of one egg for making dressing for coleslaw. For orange cake use White of one egg, One-half glass of jelly. Place in a bowl and beat until mixture holds its shape. Pile on orange shortcake.

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