Place in a mixing bowl Three-quarters cup of syrup, One-half cup of sugar, One-half cup of shortening, Two tablespoons of cocoa, Two teaspoons of cinnamon, One teaspoon of nutmeg, One-half teaspoon of allspice, One-half teaspoon of ginger, One-half teaspoon of cloves, Three cups of flour, Two level tablespoons of baking powder, Three-quarters cup of milk, One egg. Beat to mix and then add One and one-half cups of seeded raisins, One cup of dried apples, chopped fine, One cup of finely chopped nuts, One-half cup of finely chopped citron. Mix in the fruit thoroughly, then grease the pan and line with paper. Grease and flour the paper. Turn in the cake mixture and bake in a slow oven for one hour.

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